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EA Sports FC Mobile 2023 – Free Download for Android and IOS

EA Sports FC Mobile, also known as FIFA 24, is now available for Android and iOS users.

It’s more than just a game; it’s a chance to experience soccer in a new light, right from your device.

If you’ve ever dreamt of managing your own soccer team, making crucial decisions, and leading them to victory, this game is your playground.

All About EA Sports FC Mobile Game

EA Sports FC Mobile Game Preview

EA Sports FC Mobile is designed for those who love the nuances of soccer. Here, you’re not just a player; you’re a manager, a strategist, and a fan, all rolled into one.

You get to assemble your team, handpick your players based on their strengths, and face off against teams from around the world.

Whether you’re playing a casual match or competing in a high-stakes tournament, the game offers a rich experience that evolves with every match.

Game Specifics:

  • Developed by: A trio of experts from EA Mobile, EA Canada, and EA Sports.
  • Version Details: The game’s current version, v20.0.03, has been a hit, with over 10Cr downloads on Google Play alone.
  • User Feedback: With a commendable 4.3 rating from 1Cr reviews, it’s clear that the game has resonated with its audience.
  • Size: At 274 MB, it’s designed for seamless performance.
  • Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re on Android, iOS, or prefer playing on a PC, the game has got you covered.
  • Language Options: Tailored for a global audience, it offers multiple language choices.

Getting into the Game:

  1. You can easily access the EA SPORTS FC game from the Play Store or from the provided link.
  2. For those downloading externally, remember to toggle on “Unknown Sources” in your device settings.
  3. Once you’ve installed it, the world of soccer awaits.

Gameplay Insights

Starting with a basic team, your goal is to rise through the ranks.

This means making smart choices in player selection, investing in training, and adapting strategies based on your opponents.

The beauty of the game lies in its depth; there’s always a new strategy to try, a new player to discover, and a new challenge to overcome.


  • The visuals are crisp, making gameplay enjoyable.
  • There’s a plethora of customization options, ensuring your team mirrors your vision.
  • The multiplayer mode adds a layer of challenge, allowing you to test your skills against real players.
  • The game is dynamic, with regular feature updates to enhance the experience.


  • An active internet connection is a must for gameplay.
  • Crafting a top-tier team requires patience and strategy.
  • While the base game is free, there are in-game items available for purchase.

Modes to Explore:

From engaging in Squad Battles, navigating through Division Rivals, to taking on the FUT Champions challenge, the game offers a variety of modes to keep things fresh and engaging.

EA Sports FC Mobile Game Download IOS Store Preview

Squad Battles:

  • Overview: A single-player experience where you face off against squads from the FIFA community. These squads are AI-controlled, and you can earn points based on your performance in each match.
  • Why Play: It’s a great way to test your team’s strength against diverse squad setups and earn rewards based on your weekly ranking.

Division Rivals:

  • Overview: This mode pits you against players of similar skill levels from around the world. As you win matches, you’ll climb the divisions and face tougher opponents.
  • Why Play: It offers a competitive environment where you can earn weekly rewards based on your division and performance.

FUT Champions:

  • Overview: The ultimate challenge for those who seek intense competition. Qualify for the Weekend League and compete for the top spots.
  • Why Play: Apart from bragging rights, FUT Champions offers some of the best in-game rewards. The higher you rank, the better the rewards.


  • Overview: Just want a casual match without the pressure of rankings? Friendlies allow you to play matches against your friends or random players without affecting your main game progress.
  • Why Play: It’s a relaxed environment to try out new strategies, players, or simply enjoy a game without any stakes.

FUT Draft:

  • Overview: Build a temporary squad from a random selection of players. Your goal is to win as many matches as possible with this squad.
  • Why Play: It challenges your adaptability, as you play with a new team each time. Plus, the rewards can be quite lucrative based on how many matches you win.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs):

  • Overview: Complete specific challenges by creating squads that meet certain criteria. Once completed, you earn rewards.
  • Why Play: It’s a puzzle within the game. SBCs test your squad management skills and can offer high-value rewards.


  • Overview: Complete in-game tasks or challenges to earn rewards. These can range from scoring goals with specific players to winning a set number of matches.
  • Why Play: Objectives keep the gameplay varied and offer additional goals to aim for, outside of just winning matches.

FIFA World Cup Expansion:

  • Overview: Experience the thrill of the World Cup. Build a national team and compete against other countries to lift the coveted trophy.
  • Why Play: It replicates the real-world excitement of the World Cup, allowing you to lead your favorite nation to glory.

Each mode in EA Sports FC Mobile offers a unique twist on the standard soccer gameplay, ensuring that players always have something new to look forward to.

Watch EA Sports FC Mobile Game Trailer

EA Sports FC Mobile’s Latest Edition:

EA Sports FC Mobile 24 made its much-anticipated debut on September 29, 2023.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet, it’s now readily available for download.

Head over to the Playstore/App Store or use the provided link below to get your hands on this exciting new release.

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